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"Trevor, at Life Coaching Online, helped me open up where I wanted my life to go. He gave me new tools and helped develop forgotten tools I already possessed to enable me to prioritise and move closer to achieving my goals." Sally, Spain.


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UK Tel 0845 8685731
UK (International) 0044 1392 248079
Spain 0034 928 345 255
USA/Canada 001 360 717 1860
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Life Coaching

Various coaching models depending upon your exact needs. You can be coached on a particular issue or issues in your life, or alternatively complete the New Insights course of 13 modules including: Goals, the building blocks to success; Resources and Milestones, essential stepping stones to you goals; Motivation, how your beliefs move you closer to success; Beliefs, braking down negative beliefs and rebuilding the positive; Values, adopting a value structure for ultimate success; Rules, uncover your hidden rules and always feel good; Your 6 Human Needs, which ones o you need met?; Projection, all human communication is projection; Responsibility, the foundation for freedom; Questions, the answer to everything; Long Term Goals, what would you really love to do?; Purpose, your true meaning in life; Celebration Time, you have completed one of the most empowering coaching courses available today.

Debt Management
I will coach you on a debt management strategy that if strictly adhered to, will help you pay off all your debts far quicker than you ever felt possible, including your mortgage!

Wealth Mastery
Proven advice and powerful strategies for building wealth not just for your self but for the benefit of others too.

Health and Wellness Coaching
Improve your health and fitness in small easy steps using tried and test methods couple with a high tech multimedia website that will act as your personal fitness instructor. (Website available soon).

Free Online Assessments
Numerous test to assess where you are now and measure your progress as you transform your life.

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